Student holding a chalkboard that says thank a teacher today.
  • Teachers make a lifetime of difference, yet often don’t get thanked.

    You can help change that.

Sergio Romo thanks his favorite teacher. You can too.

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Mayor Ed Lee will honor five teachers of the year. Help him identify exceptional teachers.

Post a note of thanks
Teachers reported in a survey that positive stories about teachers—any teacher—helps them feel good about their profession.

Fund a teacher's innovation grant
Innovation grants are awarded to teachers who have a trailblazing idea about how to increase student achievement. You can help bring great ideas to life.

Dear Mr. Cotton„

Thanks for being so passionate about English. You inspired me to study English in college and now I use my writing skills every day as a Communications Director.


School: Fremont High School
Location: California
Grade: 12th

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Dear Mr Vong,

Thanks for being awesome ! You inspired me to always smile

Jasmine kaur

School: Marina Middle school
Location: chestnut st
Grade: 8

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Dear Mr.Bryson,

Thanks for being the best. You inspired me to get to the next level.


School: Dr. Martin Luther Kig jr acdemic ms
Location: 350 girad and bacon sreet
Grade: 6 th grade

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