Student holding a chalkboard that says thank a teacher today.
  • Teachers make a lifetime of difference, yet often don’t get thanked.

    You can help change that.

Sergio Romo thanks his favorite teacher. You can too.

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Mayor Ed Lee will honor five teachers of the year. Help him identify exceptional teachers.

Post a note of thanks
Teachers reported in a survey that positive stories about teachers—any teacher—helps them feel good about their profession.

Fund a teacher's innovation grant
Innovation grants are awarded to teachers who have a trailblazing idea about how to increase student achievement. You can help bring great ideas to life.

Dear Ms. Tong,

Thanks for helping me become a better reader and being the best teacher! You inspired me to read more.

Aiden Pavon

School: Francis Scott Key
Location: 1530 43rd Ave San Francisco
Grade: 1st

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Dear Mr. Cotton„

Thanks for being so passionate about English. You inspired me to study English in college and now I use my writing skills every day as a Communications Director.


School: Fremont High School
Location: California
Grade: 12th

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Dear Mr Vong,

Thanks for being awesome ! You inspired me to always smile

Jasmine kaur

School: Marina Middle school
Location: chestnut st
Grade: 8

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